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Starting Points

Book Your Own Fuckin' Life: A wonderful place to go if you're in a touring band or looking to make contacts for your distro or zine.
CBGB's: Max's Kansas City would have been the birthplace of punk had it not been for a little club in the Bowery run by a hippy named Hilly.
Interpunk: The online punk store of your dreams.
Pop Punk Bored: A really space for pop punk fans and pop punk musicians (including some really famous folks) to mingle electronically.
Punk News: As the name suggests, a good place to go for up-to-the-minute punk rock news.
The Punk Page: Online since 1995.
Punk Rock dot Org: "The Home of Punk Rock."
Search & Destroy: A punk rock search engine.


Sobriquet Magazine Record Reviews: Sobriquet Magazine's review blog
Blackout Records: NYC punk label that has morphed into a weblog.
Blast From the Past
Mykel Board: Maximumrocknroll's longtime columnist.
Born in the Basement
Dr. Frank: The personal weblog of punk musician (of Mr. T Experience fame) and author, Frank Portman.
Good Bad Music
Hang Over Heart Attack
Killed By Death: Sweden-based compendium of obscure punk vinyl. Absolutely essential.
Larry Livermore: Of Lookout! Records, Punk Planet, and Potatomen fame.
Mad at the World
Bob Mould: From Hüsker Dü to Sugar to a brilliant solo career, everything Bob Mould touches rocks.
The Next Big Thing
1000 Aspirines
Punk Obituary
Punk Turns 30
The Punk Vault
7 Inch Crust
7 Inch Punk
Suburban Voice
10 Things: The long-running Northwest zine now available in blog form!
12 Inch Crust
Jim Testa: The personal weblog of the man behind Jersey Beat.
Brian Walsby
Ben Weasel: Musician and writer who is at least as famous for his contrarian personality as he is for the music he made with Screeching Weasel and the Riverdales.


Cool Beans: "Worshipping the Absurd Since 1993."
Maximumrocknroll: The long-running Bay Area punk zine.
Ox: A comprehensive German-language zine.
Profane Existence: Minneapolis-based hardcore and crust collective that proudly proclaims it is "making punk a threat again!
Punk 77: British punk zine.
Punks Is Hippies
Razorcake: The phoenix that emerges from the ashes of Flipside.
Zine Archive: Speaking of mystical birds, this is Operation Phoenix Records' digital library of classic punk zines. 
Jersey Beat: Jim Testa's classic zine run out of Weehawken, NJ.


Alternative Tentacles: The infamous label that released records by the Dead Kennedys, D.O.A., and the Butthole Surfers, among others. Jello Biafra contributes regularly.
Asian Man: Skankin' Pickle's Mike Park runs this punk powerhouse of a label out of a Northern California garage. Punk rock!
Amphetamine Reptile Records: Twin Cities-based indie label with some legendary releases under its belt..
Bad Taste Records: Swedish label that has released some of that nation's catchier music.
Beer City Skateboards and Records: Skater punks and their music; based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Bitzcore: German label that has released music by bands such as Norway's Turbonegro.
BYO: The So Cal label founded by members of Youth Brigade.
Captain Oi!: One of the most significant labels in the U.K., Captain Oi! releases some of the best new and classic oi! and street punk around.
Crass Records: Legendary anarcho-punk collective.
Crypt Records: Another staple of German punk.
Dionysus Records: Punk, rockabilly, garage, surf, etc.... If you like it, they've got it.
Dischord: The Mecca for D.C. hardcore and post-hardcore should really need no introduction.
Dr. Strange Records: This site's got enough stuff to please both old school punks and new school Johnny (Rotten)--Come-Latelies.
Epitaph: Sell-outs or sell-lots? You decide.
Estrus: A label specializing in garage-punk, surf, and related genres.
Fat Wreck Chords: One of the "major" indies, NOFX's Fat Mike has turned Fat Wreck Chords into a veritable powerhouse.
Go-Kart: A solid NYC label.
Havoc Records: Felix Havoc of Profane Existence runs this label. Needless to say, crusties rejoice.
Helen of Oi!: A French label or a misspelling of the name of the woman over whom the war depicted in Homer's Iliad was fought.
Hellcat: A division of Epitaph devoted to old-stye punk, ska, and rockabilly.
Hiljaiset Levyt: Finnish punk rock.
Kung Fu: Label founded by the Vandals.
Lookout!: One of the biggest indies.
New Red Archives: "New red" as in punk 'n' ska, not "neo-Communist," as you may initially have suspected.
Nitro: Another label one associates with the 1990s punk boom.
SST: The legendary label that brought you Black Flag, the Minutemen, Hüsker Dü, the Descendents, Sonic Youth, and tons more classic punk.
Sub Pop: The label that blurred the line between indie and mainstream with Mudhoney and Nirvana.
Sudden Death: Label founded and run by D.O.A.'s Joe "Shithead" Keithley.
Time Bomb Recordings: Punk and rockabilly and cowpunk and psychobilly...
TKO: Another solid punk label.

Punk Rock History

Ancient Punk Rock History: Some information about the early U. K. punk scene, featuring the 101'ers (the pub rock outfit including a pre-Clash Joe Strummer) and the Slits.
Colorado New Wave and Punk History: The name says it all.
Flex! Discography: A great index of old punk records.
A History of Punk: Pretty straight-forward, really.
Max's Kansas City: NYC's second most important showcase for early punk bands.
Punk Wave: An early history of early U. K. punk with lots of info about the Sex Pistols and Siouxsie, etc., complete with pictures.
Punk Imperative: A retrospective look at the most important bands of the early punk era.
Weirdotronix: Relics from 70s/80s So Cal punk.
What the Heck *Is* Emo, Anyway?: Everything you've ever wanted to know about emo but were afraid to ask. Or something.
Women in Punk, 1975-1980: A list documenting the role of women in punk's earliest years.


Against Me!
Bad Religion
Bouncing Souls
Circle Jerks
The Clash
Dag Nasty
The Damned
Dead Kennedys
Dillinger Four
Dropkick Murphys
The Exploited
Gaslight Anthem
The Jam
John Lydon
Public Image, Ltd.
The Queers
Screeching Weasel
Sex Pistols
Stiff Little Fingers
Iggy & the Stooges
UK Subs
The Vandals
The Vibrators 

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